Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Needed Rest

"Sometimes change is as good as a rest." This can be true most of the time. Sometimes coming to a complete stop and taking the time to actually rest is the best solution.

We can try to keep going and push ourselves to the limit only for so long until our body will start to give us warning signals. It could be that our brain starts to get fuzzy, so we just drink more coffee to keep going. Or, it could be that extreme fatigue sets in and we start making careless mistakes. We may become short with those around us and excuse our behavior because what we are busy doing is important after all.

If we don't pay attention to the signs, we will eventually pay the ultimate price of burnout. This is not an easy condition to recover from and it very likely will necessitate a complete lifestyle change. It is easier to take the time to get sufficient rest when we need it than to try and recover from a severe illness later.

Here are three ways to get the rest you need:
1. Take short naps--some people take a 15 minute nap and it gives them renewed energy for the rest of the day. It's amazing what a short refresher can do.
2. Get enough sleep at night--7-9 hours depending on what you need. With adequate rest, proper exercise and a balanced diet you should wake up with energy.
3. Do some breathing/relaxation exercises for a few minutes to give your body a boost of oxygen. This is something you can do even at work when a nap would not be appropriate.

By getting enough rest, the body will have the resources to renew itself and function to its optimum. We'll be happier and more able to cope with the stresses each day brings.

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  1. Sleep? Is that what I'm missing? Might have to try it. LOL. I'm awarding your blog for a sylish award since it blows me away every time I visit. You can pick up the award on my blog, and pass it on to 10 blogs you think deserve it. Congrats.