Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kindle: the New Way to Read

Stacks of books everywhere—on the bed, the floor, the desk! That was what my room looked like when I was young. Books were my best friend. I could go on an enticing adventure anytime I wanted through the power of words on a page and my imagination.

We borrowed books from friends and family or the local library. Hunting for old books in antique stores was an afternoon outing. The joy of finding a treasure was indeed something to be talked about!

Now everything is changing. E-books are the way to go. No longer is there any need to hunt for the accepting publisher who thinks your masterpiece is worth investing in. Anyone can create an e-book with the right software program and the ability to write interesting content.

There is no need for stacks of books when a person can store up to 3,500 volumes on one Kindle Reading Device. Wow, a day at the beach no longer demands a hefty backpack full of reads—only a lightweight device. When all the books have been read, it is simple enough to get a new book with a quick download (no matter where you are!)

While some of us still enjoy the smell of a new book, or the excitement of an "old" find, there is something exhilarating about having hundreds of books easily accessible to suit whatever mood hits. Yes, things are changing, but perhaps it's not all bad. People are reading and that's what is important.

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